Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Iggy: Hello

Hey everyone, I'm Iggy; born and raised in Nigeria. I'm a business major at OSU. In my free time, i like to play chess, tennis, soccer, and i also love to travel. I derive my inspiration from my godfather. He raised me from childhood to an adult, teaching me the principles of life, survival, and business...making money. His enormous success can be attributed to the same discipline enforced on him by his father.


  1. make the most of his teachings. It's only a few that get the chance to learn from a great person. Your blessed

  2. How different is it for you to live in the US than in Nigeria? That's cool you play soccer. I love soccer!


  3. He sounds like a great person! its always good to have such influential people in your life.

  4. that's nice,am studying business too, welcome to business club!


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