Wednesday, January 16, 2013

kelsie :)

Hello, I'm Kelsie Phillips. I am an education major. I am a server at Steve's Dakota and also work at Dairy Queen during the time we're open. I am obsessed with cheetah print, it's kind of gotten out of hand. I love shopping, I am kind of a girly girl. I love the color purple. I am probably the most family oriented out of all of my friends. My best friend says she thinks it's weird how close we are to each other. My boyfriend says he wishes his family was as close as mine is which honestly makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.

When I compose a poem I first think about who I want it to be about. Honestly when I'm given an assignment I have to go awhile before jumping in usually. If I wait awhile I let my thoughts process in my head then go into the project and start it. My poem did not turn out the best it could have but it wasn't too bad. I think that it was kind of a challenge to get all the 5 requirements into the poem.

At First Glance You Would See A Stranger,
You May Even Find Him Attractive.
But With A Further Look You See A Man;
A Human,
Someone Who Makes Mistakes Just Like You Or I Would.
He Has Huge Beautiful Brown Eyes,
So Beautiful You Would Get A Picture As If He Were A Deer In Headlights.
When He Is Really Concentrated On Something He Squints
He Squints Because Although He Needs Glasses He Refuses To Wear Them.
He Looks For Love In His Life,
He Searches So Much You Could Say It Is The Most Important Thing In His Life.
He Puts Love Above His Friends, His Family, and His Kids.
“Daddy, Why her? Why Not Us?”

 I believe that Holding On is going to be a good book just by the first few pages we've read. I found it interesting that they were saying that there are a difference between hobos and bums.

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